Xaos - Xaos


Like Odysseus returning to Ithaca from the Trojan War, it took Ahetas and Dubulah ten years to record and complete this extraordinary album.

‘Xaos’ is post-Troika Hellenic Trance Music, a hybrid of Greek folk, post-traditional and classical music instruments, from the last 5,000 years, with modern computers and keyboards - using microtonal intervals within the octave in order to accurately re-construct ancient scales, which are utilised as both melody and tone clusters - to combine ancient and modern ideas via the sonic manipulation made possible by present day technology.

Check out “Pontos Blues”, the opening track of the album, a 21st century Greek Blues - like Nick Cave and Ry Cooder meeting at a black sea port … featuring Pontic lyra and voice, microtonal keyboards, double bass, percussion, dobro slide guitar and kanonaki.

by Dub Colossus and Xaos